3 tips to out smart ad blockers with inbound marketing

By HGB , Oct 21 2015
More and more these days, brands are having to work exceptionally hard to deceive, outwit (or even pay), to circumnavigate ad blockers. As if new product and service launches weren’t stressful enough, ad blockers have become to online advertising what Mail Daemons are to office email accounts.

Recently the editor of New Zealand Marketing magazine wrote a great piece about the rise and rise of ad blockers and users opting to use them. To quote “…there are now more than 200 million Ad Block Plus users around the world, and according to a study by PageFair, New Zealand’s penetration is at 22 percent. Globally, that rate is growing at a rate of 42 percent per year and publishers, advertisers, and web developers are crying foul over the lost billions of ad revenue.”

Let’s face it – people have transformed how they live, work, shop and buy – but brands and businesses have not. Buyers are dictating the terms now in that they’re tuning out old-school advertising that’s impersonal and intrusive. In response the smart marketers out there are forging ahead on an altogether new tangent. They’re smashing through those Ad Blockers like Jonah Lomu did to Mike Catt in the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Here’s how:

1. Content – The new ‘ad’

Just like a great TV channel or radio programme, content is and always will be – King. In place of a beautifully designed ad dangled in the face of someone who doesn’t want to see it, smart marketers are developing remarkable content for their clients that will attract visitors, convert them to leads and then close them as customers. Think white papers, eBooks, blogs and social media publishing – they’re the new full page ad or billboard of yesterday.

2. Problem solved

By identifying a buyer’s problem or perceived pain point, smart marketers are using content and SEO tools to guide them towards the relevant, helpful and personalised answers (products and services) they’re Googling for. It’s a win-win for all involved – there’s no more concern about ad blockers from a business perspective, but more importantly buyer’s are inviting the content IN. It’s called Inbound Marketing.

3. Out with the old, in with the new

HubSpot out of the States are leading the charge on best practice in Inbound Marketing. Smart marketers the world over are getting themselves certified as fast as they can in this game changing platform that is seeing unheralded results for businesses and services across all sectors – in terms of lead generation and closing sales.

At HGB we’re flat out developing remarkable content and optimising it for our broad client base. If you’re looking for a smart marketing consultancy partner, who just happens to be HubSpot certified, click on the link below to see what services HGB can provide for you.

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