Creating irresistible website content, here’s how

By Jacqui Gage-Brown, Sep 14 2021
Build it and they will come. Funny how this mentality still needs an important part of the equation – your customer!

Delivering a service or product is key to business success but it’s only one part of the equation. Attracting customers to your business is just as, if not more, important as delivering your services and products. So, how can creating irresistible website content help you do this?

The importance of marketing

Marketing is an instrumental tool in lead generation. In other words, attracting clients, engaging with them and turning them into repeat clients. A successful marketing strategy encompasses print collateral, social media activity and a great website.

A website is only ever going to be as good as its content. So here are five top tips for creating irresistible website content for your business:

1. Make it unique

As a business, you’ve found a niche service or product clients want. Your website content needs to be the same. It should be unique to your operations, depicting your individuality, while at the same time showcasing your business to prospective clients. It’s also important to have unique content for Google ranking purposes as duplicate content is frowned upon and penalised.

2. Keep it simple

You know your product or service inside out, but prospective customers won’t. Therefore, keep your website language simple and easy to understand. Provide visitors with the initial information they need, then support your content with effective calls-to-action that encourage them to get in touch for more information – and to ultimately make that purchase.

3. Establish a relationship

The basis to any good relationship is trust so make sure your content establishes this. Don’t use your content for a hard sale. Rather, use it to build up an ongoing relationship with your customers then deliver on it. This will help to build up loyalty between you and your customers which can lead to ongoing sales, rather than a one-off purchase.

4. Remember your audience

Writing website content for your business is a real test as to how well you know your customers. Don’t write what you think they want to see, write what you know they’re looking for. We are saturated with online content on a daily basis and your customers are no different, so be sure to write content they want – otherwise they’ll likely go elsewhere.

5. Be the expert

Write with authority. Prospective customers are coming to your website because they’re looking for information you have that they don’t. Share this information within your website content and establish yourself as an expert. This will make both you and your website content irresistible!


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