7 lessons from 7s rugby that HGB can help you with (well, 8 but you’ll see why)

By Jacqui Gage-Brown, Jan 27 2020
The must-attend event for the summer delivered again and it was a black out! The NZ Sevens turned 21 over the weekend and like any good Hamilton 21st there was plenty of action – on and off the field.

It was the third year the event was held in the Waikato, and this year the tourney added a new dimension and for the first time ever, New Zealand hosted our own wahine in a women’s World Sevens Series tournament.

It’s a great case study of an event changing with the times, but the learning doesn’t stop there. Let’s  take a look at some of the other lessons from 7s where we could get our HGB secret sauce in the mix.

7s teams are unique // Organisational Identity

If you managed to leave the festival zones and watch some footy, you’d see that not all teams are created equal. The All Blacks 7s and Black Ferns 7s were the stars. The flying Fijians played with flair and had the crowd on their side.  Kenya continued to dance their way into everyone’s hearts. And we still love to hate Australia.

Every team has its own team DNA – something that makes them unique, so does your business – do you know what it is?

Know your game plan // Strategic Marketing

Just like their team DNA, each side knew how it wanted to play the game. Keep possession. Turn over the ball and counterattack. Hang on for dear life (sorry Japan, but we’re looking at you here against Kenya).

Your strategic marketing plan is the same. Let us help you set your goals, create a strategy and execute with flair.

Communication is key to success // Communication & PR

Talking in 7s is crucial to create understanding in attack and defence. Communication should be clear and composed, not rushed and panicked. The last thing you want is an overload down the blindside.

It’s the same in the marketplace. You want to communicate with consistency, clarity and authenticity with public relations in mind. No mixed messages, no confusing people where to go or what to do.

It’s rugby but it’s different // Advertising

7s is different. 7s is digestible. 7s is the best advertisement for the sport to reach a new audience, and it was the perfect vehicle to get rugby back into the Olympics. The strategic placement of 7s into the world’s biggest event was designed to attract interest in growth markets like Brazil, China and India where the chance for an Olympic gold medal remains an attractive proposition.

In today’s fast-paced, ever changing world, advertising is about finding new and exciting ways to engage with audiences. Is your advertising strategy helping you reach new audiences, drive growth, and get over the line?

You don’t want to be a man down // Sponsorship

The refereeing in 7s was strict. Yellow cards were easy to come by, and a player who gets one is off the field for two minutes, which is a long time in 7s. Nearly every game saw the referee give two blasts of their whistle which pre-empted a yellow card.

Sponsorship is the same, you want to keep the key decision makers onside and you don’t want to lose those relationships you’ve worked hard for. We can help you build long lasting, mutually rewarding relationships with partners and sponsors.

Dress to impress // Creative Design

7s is THE dress up party of the year – the event where you can let your true self shine and stand out from the crowd! Have you always wanted to put on a ghastly baby mask and creep out a global audience with your mates? Do it! Maybe you’re a Batman fan? This was your chance to dress up like Batman, or your favourite superhero. Go crazy!

Your brand has a pretty big job to do. It’s the public face of your business. It needs to win the hearts and minds of your customers and staff. It needs to be remembered, trusted, and loved – by you and your clients! You remember Avocado Man right?  Let our creative design team help you create the same impact and make your business stand out from the crowd.

Waikato Stadium, what a venue! // Interior Design

We don’t think there is a better venue on the Sevens circuit than our very own Waikato Stadium.  It’s such a great workplace for the teams to be inspired. The precinct is big enough to fit in a carnival, the crowd is close to the action, and the pitch has just had a million dollar revamp.

It’s the same for your workspace. Is it an inspiring place? Does it bring your values to life and inspire your people?

The clock never stops // Digital Marketing

In 7s there is always time for one last play, the game does not end until a team scores or the ball goes out of play after the final hooter. The last play can stretch up to two minutes, giving the team that is behind a chance to win.

It’s the same with digital marketing, it’s 24 / 7 / 365 (or 366 this year!). Digital advertising makes it easy for people to find you online. And it’s more than just having a website (the 14 minutes). It’s about creating a brilliant experience for your customers across every digital channel, from social media to your online store, and your website (after the hooter)!

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