Christmas-marketing is coming, and we’re a bit excited!

By Kylie Harcourt, Oct 23 2019
With the end of the year quickly approaching, we’ve been working hard to get everything organised for Christmas-marketing.

In fact we’ve been so focused on it, we actually forgot about Halloween! The Christmas party is planned, gifts are getting wrapped and we’re ready for a summer holiday. We can’t wait to jingle bell rock! 😊

What have we been doing?

You thought that November was too early to start decorating? Rach and Ann have been busy stopping Mon from decorating her desk since mid-October. She’s been nicknamed The Elf (lovingly, of course!).

With the Christmas spirit in the air, we’re not the only ones who are planning early. Christmas-marketing is a great way to communicate with your customers and stakeholders in a meaningful way, and we’ve been helping our clients prepare to do just that. We’d love to show you what we’ve been up to, but you know the rules… no opening presents before the big day!

What we can do though, is share with you one of our favourite Christmas-marketing projects of the past, to give you some ideas on what you could look at doing (if you haven’t started already).

How we like to get in the festive spirit

Christmas cards: We absolutely love branded Christmas cards. It’s a simple way to share the season with your clients, stakeholders and staff. Our creative team loves the challenge of coming up with a custom jingle or illustration, or using your brand imagery in a new and creative way.

Christmas-marketing cards



Christmas gifts: Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts. But how can you make sure your Christmas gift stands out from the rest, and reflects your brand? We love working with clients to develop creative gift ideas that resonate with their brand, and will be loved by clients or employees.

christmas-marketing gifts

Website and social: – Decorating your office is a given, but it’s important to also decorate your website and social media channels. Christmas-themed banner images, cover photos, social posts and social competitions can help you engage with customers on a more personal, and fun level.


Christmas-marketing social media

Newsletters:  Regular communication with staff and customers is so important for creating and maintaining relationships. If you send a digital or print newsletter, Christmas is a great time to let your personality shine, from the design through to the content.

Not in the habit of sending an e-newsletter? Well – maybe this Christmas is the time to start!

Christmas-marketing enews


Invitations: December is where summer really kicks off and all the hottest (pun intended) parties and events happen! Don’t send boring event invitations – a creative invitation is one way of letting people know your function is one they don’t want to miss.

Recruitment: Another year, another list of goals set. The New Year is often when people start their #newyearnewme journeys. For some, this means a change in job or a change in career, making the New Year the perfect time to cast your rod and see what bites.

Like marketing campaigns, a recruitment campaign should have clearly defined objectives, consistent messaging, and use a mix of marketing channels, to ensure best ROI.

Keep busy

It’s your time to take the lead and set up a new Marketing Strategy, something that we do at HGB very well. So, pop in for a coffee and let’s have a talk about how we can help.

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