Creating Fieldays stand design that wow the crowd

By HGB , Aug 21 2017
The HGB team has had fun creating engaging Fieldays stands for some of our clients. HGB designer, Danielle Carden explains the process we went through to create stands that stood out! 

I love it when Fieldays comes to town. I love the buzz it creates in Hamilton and the visitors it brings. I don’t even mind getting stuck in traffic when I know it’s because of Fieldays!

This year was extra exciting for HGB, as we worked with our clients Lightwire and Mainline to undertake their Fieldays stand design.

Lightwire: starting conversations with rural folk

Lightwire provides fast, reliable broadband to rural households, so for them Fieldays is a chance to converse with both existing and potential customers.

HGB met with Lightwire earlier this year to talk about what they wanted to achieve from Fieldays, what their budget was, and any initial ideas.

Lightwire’s main goal was to get rural people to check if they were in Lightwire’s coverage area and, if so, to sign up for broadband. They also wanted existing customers to refer their friends so Lightwire could follow up on these leads after Fieldays.

We started by creating an artist impression of the site, which we worked collaboratively with Lightwire to tweak and refine. The impression allowed Lightwire to visualise the site, and allowed us to play around with furniture, fixtures, colours, and arrangement, to make sure everything was just right before we started designing or producing anything.

The result

A rustic and rural, colourful eye-catching site. Grass turf covered the site to make it warm and inviting, a spin-to-win wheel and free giveaways encouraged people to stop and enter, and  computers, laptops and iPads made it easy for people to check their coverage. The walls were decorated with artwork and staff wore branded t-shirts.

Lightwire also needed somewhere to store all their stuff, so we designed hidden storage areas which meant we didn’t compromise on precious floorspace or clutter the site.

HGB designed and sourced branded coffee beans for giveaways, t-shirts and name badges for staff, and a Lightwire light box. We also created a lead generation survey, and designed and sourced the spin-to-win wheel and wall-art.

As well as this, we created a website landing page where customers could refer their friends and receive one month’s free internet, and ran a Facebook advertising campaign promoting Fieldays specials.

Favourite features
  • The spin-to-win wheel
  • Giveaway goodies from the wheel, like the branded coffee beans
  • Lightwire lightbox set into the hidden back storage wall
  • The bright and fun wall art

HGB Lightwire Fieldays stand design

HGB blog Lightwire Fieldays Mainline: A refreshed site to match a refreshed brand

Mainline has been producing sheet metal products for more than 30 years. HGB recently worked with Mainline to refresh their brand and create a new website. Owners Trisha and Graeme King decided they also needed a refreshed Fieldays site to show off their new brand.

Mainline wanted to do something a little different to previous years – something to make them stand out and create more foot traffic.

The result

We came up with the idea of using a Mainline tank as a water refuel station. Fieldays visitors could top up their water bottles or grab a free cup of water while looking around the site.

Once inside, visitors could look at the fuel tanks, chicken coops (with real chickens inside) and dog kennels, and chat to the friendly Mainline team.

We worked with the team to design and create new signage, flags, product brochures and product labels to show off their new brand. The refreshed signage made Mainline stand out from a distance.

Favourite features
  • Water refuel tank with free water
  • Real live chickens inside the chicken coops

Sound like a bit of fun?

If you’re planning to have a presence at next year’s Fieldays, now’s the time to start planning your site. If you’d like to bounce some ideas around with the HGB team, get in touch.

HGB blog Mainline Fieldays

HGB blog Mainline Fieldays

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