Digital strategy results in 300% website traffic growth

By Rohan Xavier, Feb 10 2020
Implementing a digital strategy and a planned approach to database marketing saw Sheet Pile NZ receive a surge in website traffic and visitors staying on page for longer.  Piling on the results, HGB delivered an improvement in keyword quality scores and other organic SEO metrics.


As New Zealand’s largest sole provider of sheet pile, Sheet Pile NZ wanted to sustain the growth it had experienced since entering the market two years ago. As a small company operating on a big scale, Sheet Pile NZ works in the civil construction industry throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, importing, exporting, hiring and selling product that weighs thousands of tonnes.



HGB were challenged to find a way to keep the company front of mind with a target market that doesn’t need a product, until it needs it… to which we said, challenge accepted!

We prescribed a multi-pronged approach that paired digital advertising with a strategic content offering.

Step one: Increase brand awareness

Sheet Pile NZ’s target market is civil construction engineers working on large infrastructure projects in both the public and private sector. They don’t want to be bombarded with information, but rather be able to find it easily when they want it. They need clear technical info. In other words, hold the fluff!

In conjunction with Sheet Pile NZ’s sales rep connecting with potential clients face to face, the HGB digital team implemented a Google Ads and SEO strategy to keep Sheet Pile NZ in the number one spot, ensuring the company led the field in all things sheet pile.

Step two: Generate leads

The key to inbound marketing is to give before you get. So, the HGB team gave potential clients the ability to download resources.

Step three: Follow up with relevant content

With Sheet Pile NZ’s target audience, it was important to stick to only the relevant, necessary and pertinent information. This led the HGB team to recommend database building and targeted communication.

Step four: Review and tweak

Nothing is set and forget! By monitoring Sheet Pile NZ’s Google Ads campaign, website analytics and email success rates, we were able to tweak audience communications accordingly.


With Sheet Pile NZ returning both top ranking organic search results and Google Ads, one client remarked to Dave: “It doesn’t matter what I search, you’re always number one!”. Pretty great feedback to receive, both for Sheet Pile NZ and the HGB team. The secret to top ranks for Sheet Pile NZ are quality scores of 9/10 and 10/10 on all keywords.

Because of this, we were able to increase website traffic by 300%, with those visitors staying for an average session time of 3.34 minutes and only experiencing a bounce rate of 40% (which is excellent!).

And e-newsletter? Open rates are 20% higher and click-through rates are 2% higher than industry average.


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