Good for the community, good for business

By HGB , Aug 29 2018
When a company chooses to be socially responsible, it’s seen positively within the community – from both inside and out. As a proud Waikato business, HGB sees real value in giving back to our community and, when our clients do, we see them reaping the rewards. So where does your brand fit?

As businesses, we expect our community to respond to us favourably. We want it to welcome us, support us, refer us. So, wouldn’t our community expect the same welcome, support and referral from us?

Good for brand exposure

If you’re wanting your brand to be seen in both your physical and online community, align with a non-profit that shares the same values as your brand. You’ll find these extra touchpoints help increase your brand exposure where it matters most – in your community.

One of our awesome clients, Diprose Miller, has this locked down. The accountancy firm in Te Aroha and Morrinsville has a strong belief in community and this is reflected in its level of philanthropic activity. The company has a page on its website dedicated solely to its community activities. There’s a list of all the organisations it supports, from sports teams to community theatre, music groups to annual community events, and photos showing the presence of Diprose Miller in the community itself.

Good for staff morale

The importance employees place on good company culture has rapidly increased over the past few years, but this extends to outside the organisation as much as in. If a business cares enough to engage in the betterment of its community, it follows that it will also care about its employees.

Our own directors, Kylie and Jacqui, have created the networking group, the MOB – Mums Owning Businesses – to ensure other business-owning mothers have a space to talk about the challenges and triumphs that are unique to them. This is reflected in a flexible and compassionate HGB office environment.

Good for brand reputation

Let’s face it, it’s almost unheard of for businesses to not support a charity these days. The level of social good in business is growing, and it’s a great thing. If you’re not supporting a non-profit group within your community, it’s probably hurting your brand’s reputation. There are so many opportunities to engage in charitable activity within a community, there’s really no excuse not to.

When Lightwire asked for help from the rural schools within their communities to bring reliable, rural broadband to the table, those schools showed up. In return, Lightwire has implemented its Lightwire Superstar Schools campaign, delivering native trees to the schools for the children to plant within the grounds. They’ve always supported the schools, but now everyone knows they do as well.

Good for living your DNA

Choosing a philanthropic pursuit that closely reflects your brand’s DNA increases the validity and connection between your brand and the organisation you are supporting. As a flow on, your staff will buy-in to the partnership as it will align with their values also. Staying ‘on brand’ with your charitable activities makes the bridge between the two seamless.

Our wonderful client, Lugtons Real Estate, chose to support True Colours Children’s Health Trust, a Waikato organisation that helps families dealing with chronic, life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses. Lugtons is a family-owned business that has courage, determination and intrepidness at its heart, and aligns perfectly with True Colours.

Good for your community

Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”. A great brand understands why people buy into their business, align with their values, and how to create the ‘think’, ‘feel’ and ‘do’ throughout their operations.

Recently Regal Group hosted a community open day to say thank you to the community that has supported the brand for 30 years. Marking its 30th anniversary, Regal opened its gates and invited everyone to attend, with entertainment for the children, coffee for the adults, opportunities to explore the yard and get in the trucks. It was a great day for all and very much enjoyed by Regal’s community.

A flourishing community is good for business and there are so many ways to achieve this. From babies to adults, health to employment, domestic living to native animals, your community will always need its businesses to help it grow positively. If you need help figuring out how your brand fits into your community why not get in contact with us today?

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