Five things HGB and Harley Quinn have in common

By Rohan Xavier, Apr 2 2020
Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Bat Girl, and HGB; they all have one thing in common: an all-star female ensemble, with a kick-ass male support team.

With Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, joining the action on the big screen, and with the passing of International Women’s Day recently, we investigated the similarities we share with this new iteration of superhero. What do we have in common? Quite a lot it turns out.

Famous female leads

Joining Harley Quinn is Captain Marvel and Black Widow, who are the latest female characters to appear in superhero movies. A trend which is gaining more momentum but historically has been seen less often than male leads. But that doesn’t mean that Hollywood (or Hamilton) has completely ignored female superheroes.

For the most part, famous female superhero characters were introduced on the big screen as part of a team. However, the tide has turned in recent years, with studios (and strategic marketing consultancies in Hamilton) wisely banking on female characters — and seeing great returns for their investment.

Kick ass plots

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey focuses on the unlikely relationship between the main protagonist and her allies as they look to take the villain down and save the girl.

Creating a universe

In the HGB universe, in the not-so-fictional town of Hamilton, the plot is (nearly) replicated with a cast that consists (almost) entirely of women.

Our story begins in Hamilton in 2013 when the dynamic duo of Supermum and Girl Boss set out to win clients and other business in the city. The pair become allies with another deadly (smart and talented) woman – Creative Kat.

After their initial success they have set out on their sequel! And their next mission is a big hairy audacious goal to be achieved over the next three years. Watch this space!

An all-star cast of characters

The HGB-irds of Prey are joined on their journey by a cast of characters with their own special powers – did someone say HGB Strategic Marketing Avengers Assemble!?

The all-star cast comes with diverse backgrounds. Some could say their plot lines all intertwine to create a super 😉 plot line.

Oh, and there’s some guys in it as well, but mostly just for eye-candy. #typical

For those who don’t know a Supermum from a Not-so-Zen Mama, here’s a guide to a who’s who of the HGB superheroes.

Equality is key

In the superhero world, less-physical powers — such as empathy, intellect, and telepathy — tend to be more represented among female characters. While physical traits, such as strength and speed, lie with the males.

HGB (and Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey) flips that notion with all their heroes sharing their powers and working together to save the world. One client at a time.

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