How a marketing agency can support recruitment marketing efforts

By Emma Knapp, Sep 22 2022

Recruiting the best talent requires more than posting a job advert on Seek or TradeMe and waiting for the candidates to roll in. To connect with the best people, you have to go where they go – and this may mean Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Tiktok!

Put simply, recruitment marketing is the process of building and communicating employee value proposition to attract and hire the top talent. To make it even simpler, it’s a tool to help you attract talented individuals to your business by advertising and marketing directly to them. By using the right message and the right platforms you’ll be seeing applications in no time.

Target active and passive job seekers

Targeted digital marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Ads will greatly support and enhance your recruitment strategy. Attracting the best talent is a huge asset. However, this has to be done strategically as you simply can’t get it wrong; this is why you bring in the best. AKA a marketing agency.

We can target both active and passive candidates on the digital platforms they frequent. Active job seekers are spending time on TradeMe and Seek, searching for the perfect role. On the other hand, passive candidates aren’t proactively searching for a job, but by targeting them on the social media platforms they often frequent you can inspire or influence them to consider applying. Sometimes the best employee is just waiting for some encouragement to complete that application!

Benefits of using a marketing agency to support recruitment

  • Builds brand awareness – getting your brand and business in the public eye means potential candidates are more likely to come to you and having more options when hiring employees is clearly an advantage. While the overall aim is to target possible employees, it’s also an additional opportunity to boost your general brand presence in the market and grow your business.
  • In this very competitive market, you need to know what you’re doing – which is why teaming up with an agency who lives and breathes marketing is essential. After all you don’t want to get it wrong.
  • Cost effective solution – recruitment marketing offers a long-term solution to recruitment struggles which will save you money in the long run.
  • Cut out the trial and error – using an experienced agency, you’re much more likely to hit the nail on the head the first time.

Creating a meaningful experience

At HGB creating meaningful experiences is what we do, and we believe this should extend to the recruitment process. Using the right strategies, recruitment marketing will help you promote your business and attract the best candidates.

If you’re looking for a strategic marketing agency that will help you find leading candidates, let’s talk!

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