How to choose a meaningful marketing partner

By Kylie Harcourt, Aug 1 2021
There are many benefits to partnering with a marketing agency but choosing the right marketing partner for your business can be a big decision.

You might be asking yourself, should we engage the services of an external marketing agency and how do we find one that is going to deliver meaningful results?

At HGB, we understand the importance of building a meaningful partnership between client and agency. Keep reading to find out how you can find the perfect marketing partner for your business!

Benefits of partnering with a marketing agency

A great marketing partnership will help your business grow and exceed goals.

Finding an in-house marketer or team that can do everything is a big ask and can be costly. But when outsourcing your marketing, you’re hiring a team of talented individuals that offer an array of expertise – digital advisor, strategist, graphic designer, content writer, social media manager, photographer, project manager… the list goes on!

If you were to hire a full-time internal team that could carry out all those roles effectively it would come at a huge cost, but a marketing agency only charges you for the time and work delivered. This range of skills and expertise provides financial freedom to choose which areas you are investing in – and as your business grows and needs change, so can the areas of focus.

Marketing agencies have the skillsets and resources that allow them to consistently deliver high level outcomes. As a business owner, you can focus on what matters.

Want to stay ahead of the latest trends? Another perk when working with marketing agencies is that they closely follow developments in the industry – from new tools and technology to the latest social media platforms, your marketing partner will ensure you don’t fall behind.

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Understand the results you want to achieve

Before you begin searching for potential marketing agencies, it’s important to understand why you need a marketing partner. Think about what you are wanting to achieve, identify any areas you want to focus on and how this will benefit your business.

You also need to consider what you’re willing to invest, there’s no denying marketing comes at a cost but if you work with the right agency, these costs will bring a return on your investment.

Knowing your potential return on investment will better equip you to find an agency who will help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Research potential suitors

When looking to engage the services of a marketing and advertising partner you want to be sure they know what they’re doing.

Start by analysing the marketing activity they are carrying out for themselves. Check out their social media channels, read their blogs, sign up to receive their newsletters and look at previous client feedback or testimonials.

This will give you a good indication of the agencies marketing approach, and how they might work for you.

Find an agency that aligns with your values

Finding a marketing agency that shares your values will help establish a meaningful partnership from the beginning – it will mean you can build a foundation of trust, knowing that you’re on the same path.

When meeting with agencies, don’t be afraid to ask questions that will allow you to learn more about their values and core purpose.

Marketing activity can have an impact every aspect of your organisation, so it’s important to find a marketing partner that understands this.

HGB believes in meaningful partnerships

Creating meaningful experiences is what we do, and we want to work with people who love to do the same. This is what drives us out of bed every day. It’s the purpose behind everything we do.

If you’re looking to for a strategic marketing agency that will help you grow your business, let’s talk!

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