How to create your company’s values

By HGB , Jul 21 2018
Find out how some of our clients have identified and applied their fundamental business values.

Mutual respect and trust – they are the pillars of every successful relationship, be it personal or professional. Here at HGB we are fortunate to work with some amazing clients to deliver values-based marketing services for them. Their fields are diverse –accountancy, technology, logistics, agriculture and manufacturing, for instance – but each client’s business is unique, as is our offering to them.

And no matter what their unique needs, our relationship with each client  builds on a foundation of mutual respect and trust that comes from respecting each other’s values.

Here at HGB, our values THINK FEEL DO are integral to our operations. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. They underpin everything we do and have been central to the growth, development, and success of our marketing consultancy. Hence our approach of values-based marketing.

That is why we place such great emphasis on identifying and integrating the values of our clients into their marketing activity. Below are some examples of our clients’ values.

IT partners

IT Partners is an innovative IT firm in Hamilton. If you read “IT” and think faceless computers, data, technical jargon –think again. IT Partners place the emphasis on partner, operating as such to their client. They’re human, in fact they’re very clever humans. They’re passionate about IT, the tech industry, and how the ever-changing world of IT can benefit their clients.  Yet as a company, they’re so much more than their systems; they are their people, which is why wellbeing is a core value for them. How do they integrate this into their business operations? By taking care of their staff. Whether it’s providing a bowl of fresh fruit in the staffroom, encouraging regular exercise, fostering team work or promoting open communication, IT Partners really value the health and wellbeing of their staff.

HGB blog IT partners welbeingRegal

Based in Tamahere, Regal Group delivers bulk transport and logistical solutions to clients both in the Waikato and nationwide. The business was first established in 1960 by Rob McHardie and today, Regal is run by Rob’s sons, Scott and Brett. This family element was something Regal wanted to acknowledge when it came to identifying their four core values. Furthermore, the firm’s 170 staff operate from multiple sites from Whangarei down to Timaru. Throw in the fact that as a transport and logistics firm Regal’s truck drivers are constantly on the road, Regal staff are in many locations at any one time. The essence of Regal’s value ‘Be Real’ is family. This value acknowledges that all staff are in this business together; whether they’re out on the road, in the engineering workshop or unloading a truck at a storage site, they are all part of the Regal family.

HGB blog Regal values


Our client, Smiths, have always been ahead of the game. Since opening in business almost 30 years ago, Smiths have constantly pushed the bar in the aftermarket appliance components industry. Whether they’re selling oven elements or sourcing refrigeration thermostats, Smiths do it all with integrity, honesty, openness and to high standards – exactly as their company credo states. But their values also reflect the team’s commitment to finding a solution for each of their customers, and the team’s ability to move with the times. Smiths pride themselves on being creative and forward thinking so when it came to identifying their company values, their pursuit for positive growth was important to them. After working with the Smiths team, we created artwork that presented the company’s three core values of growth, family and integrity. It now hangs prominently in the entrance of the company’s headquarters for all staff and visitors to see.

HGB blog Smiths values

Ata Rangi Pastoral Limited

Ata Rangi Pastoral Limited have a bold vision. They want to develop an “industry leading, integrated pastoral farming business that will generate value to all stakeholders through their key pillars of innovation, community engagement and environmental sustainability.” However, to achieve this vision they needed a solid platform to work from. In other words, they needed to identify their values. Community engagement is an essential part of Ata Rangi Pastoral Limited.  They work in and with rural communities, so clear communication is important. So important in fact, it is a guiding principle of the business. Their statement “We call a cow a cow” reflects the business ethos Ata Rangi Pastoral Ltd upholds; they are committed to doing what they say they will do,

HGB blog Ata Rangi values

Live your values

Identifying your company values is just the first step – the real challenge is integrating them into the workplace. We have found illustrated wall art, placed in prominent positions around the office, is a great way to start promoting your business values both internally and externally, but there’s a lot more you can do. If you need help finding yours, get in touch today!

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