How to get more leads with Google Search Ads  

By Emma Knapp, Mar 4 2022

When it comes to Google, most of us are already converted. We use it every day.

Need to search for your local certified Google Partner? Simple. Can’t remember the title of a song? Simply search the lyrics. Need to spellcheck something? Google always has the answer. We search, Google delivers. That’s where Google Search Ads come into play, and can become an important part of your lead generation.

What are search ads?

Search ads, more commonly known as Google Ads (and formerly known as Google Adwords) represent a service provided by Google that allows a business to place an ad in Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

The goal of any Google Ad is to guide people, whether it be to your website in a bid to generate leads for your business, to a landing page that hosts more information, or to a product or service.

Let’s define a lead

In simple terms, a lead is a person or a business with an interest in a product or service you have available for purchase. In the context of Google, a lead is someone who interacts with an ad and clicks through to the linked web portal.

We all know that lead generation is the cornerstone of any business. Google themselves consider the offering: ‘…with billions of searches [completed] per day… you can use Search ads to make sure potential customers notice your brand, consider your offerings, and take action.’

And this is why the team at HGB has always been heavily involved in, and advocated for, the opportunity search ads offer our clients: unlimited lead generation potential.

Search and you will find

So how do we optimise these Google Ads to get more leads?  HGB’s certified Google Partner expert, Adhish, believes it starts with getting the basics right.

“Whatever your business, you can use Google Ads to grow your website traffic and generate leads. Yes, there are many ways to form the correct foundations for a successful campaign,” he says of the process. “Here at HGB, we start with a considered approach and tailor the package to suit the clients’ requirements: goals, targeting, keywords and customisations of campaigns.”


The HGB way

If you’d like help to create a fully tailored Google Ad solution to help generate new leads and work toward your sales goals, contact the Hamilton based digital marketing agency today. We’re certified Google Partners, have a good understanding of the Google landscape and know how to tailor your campaign to suit unique requirements.

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