HTTPS sites and Google Chrome

By Jacqui Gage-Brown, Nov 1 2021

You may have noticed recently that there’s been an increase in HTTPS sites across the world wide web.

So much so, in September 2021 Google Chrome released an https-only mode on its browser. Here’s a quick update why.

Bye-bye HTTP

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, at the beginning of the site URL. In technical terms, HTTP is the protocol through which data is passed between a web browser, like Chrome, and a website. The S in HTTPS stands for “Secure”, to recognise the status of a website’s secure connection.

Google Chrome Update

Google Chrome has released their HTTPS-Only Mode across all its browsers.

Where has this come from? Basically, Google has added an HTTPS-Only Mode to protect users from eavesdropping by upgrading all connections to HTTPS.

Why is it important? If your website isn’t an HTTPS site, your web traffic could be significantly impacted.

Why you need an SSL

Websites with no SSL Certificates will automatically be redirected to a warning message. And let’s be honest, this isn’t a good look for your company and acts as a deterrent to those wanting to visit your site.

All non-HTTPS websites are less secure in safeguarding transactional and private info, which is why Google is making such a bold move. Avoid losing traffic from visitors using Google Chrome and secure your website. You’ll also:

  1. Be rewarded in your Google index standard with an SL site, boosting your Google ranking
  2. Receive an SSL certification with the highest level of encryption… so it’s more secure
  3. Improve customer confidence. Trust, or lack thereof, impact how consumers purchase

Final thoughts

If you haven’t yet, make sure you update your SSL security certificate to ensure your ongoing visibility. Don’t know how, or need a hand? Contact HGB – our digital team are here to help.

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