HGB illuminate MBS’s new accounting brand design

By Jacqui Gage-Brown, Jun 16 2019
Enlightening clients and illuminating the path to success – this is what drives the team at MBS Advisors, formerly known as Diprose Miller Morrinsville, and was a pivotal element in their new accounting brand design.
It was an absolute privilege to be asked by Nigel, Tony and Jeremy to join them on the journey as Diprose Miller Morrinsville prepared to part ways from Diprose Miller Te Aroha, with a new accounting brand design to be established for the Morrinsville-based accounting firm MBS Advisors.
Accounting Brand Design HGB
Led by strategic director Kylie Harcourt, and strategic marketing consultant Michele Lithgow, HGB embarked on its unique process to uncover and define a company’s organisational identity and strategic positioning, which would be translated into a core purpose, values, and brand identity – logo, symbolism, imagery, typography and key messages.

“We kicked off with individual in-depth interviews with Nigel, Tony and Jeremy. It really is an amazing opportunity, getting to interview someone at such an in-depth level. You gain a unique understanding and insight into what drives and inspires a person, and the values they live by, and you can start to connect the dots and see how this translates into the business they’re building or running,” said Michele.

Fresh accounting brand MBSAccounting stationery HGB

“We showed the team how the new brand would come to life on their building, in their meeting rooms, on marketing collateral, and online. We also created a brand story and key messages, to help them communicate their core purpose and values externally.” – Michelle Lithgow

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