Keeping (your) company on LinkedIn

By HGB , Oct 21 2017
Five reasons why your company needs a LinkedIn page

It’s easy to understand why having a profile on the world’s largest professional networking site is beneficial. After all, LinkedIn connections can lead to new career and business opportunities.

But have you considered creating a page for your company?

If not, now’s the time to do so. Here are five reasons why:

1.  It makes your company easy to find 

Clients, customers, consumers… whatever you want to call them, when they’re after a service or a product, the vast majority of them will look online. That’s not to say they don’t have a supplier in mind, but researching options is important to the savvy consumer. If you have a well-populated LinkedIn company page, that includes key SEO terms, this increases your chances of being seen by these prospective customers. And, if they weren’t looking for you specifically, by appearing in their search results, you’ve given them fuel for thought.

2. It enables you to showcase your achievements

Whether you’ve won an award or launched a new product line, you want to be shouting such achievements from the rooftop. Include an announcement on your company’s LinkedIn profile instead – it’ll go further. The networking site provides a great (free) platform to advise other interested parties – whether they’re peers or competitors, customers or clients – of significant milestones in your organisation.

3. It helps to reduce your recruitment costs

Looking for a dynamic new staff member to join your team? Mention it on your LinkedIn company page. There’s no cost involved to advertise the position and you’ll be able to better target the kind of people you’re looking for. What’s more, potential employees will be able to get a greater understanding of your organisation from your page and, by being on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to see their profile as well.

4. It boosts your expertise

As an individual, you can join and take part in discussions and groups on relevant topics that interest you, thus enabling you to connect with other like-minded professionals and to build up your reputation as an expert. The same can be done using your company page. LinkedIn’s ‘Featured Groups’ tool enables you to bring all the groups you participate in together in one place, so prospective clients and customers viewing your company page can see how active you are in various communities.

5. It extends your reach

Make sure the copy on your company page is optimised – SEO is important for determining the rank in search results. But to widen your reach you need to be active. Much like other social media channels, the more posts you share, the more comments you make, and the more active you are, the greater your reach. You also want to be encouraging prospective clients to engage with you, so post articles, blogs and status updates that fuel discussion. Not only will they help to portray your company’s personality, but you’ll get an insight into your consumers’ personalities too.

Remember, it’s not enough to simply have a company page on LinkedIn. You need to use it. Update it regularly with good content, add new achievements, share links and ensure all information is correct. Your LinkedIn company page could be the first impression someone gets of your organisation. Make sure it’s a good one.

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