Leadership changes at HGB

By Rohan Xavier, Oct 25 2023

HGB has announced changes to its ownership and leadership structure, through a changing of the guard. 

Co-founder and co-director Jacqui Gage-Brown will be stepping aside from her role after 11 years, with HGB’s general manager Mitch Hyde and strategic marketing consultant Vivienne Hyde stepping up to join HGB founding director Kylie Harcourt as shareholders. 

Mitch will also take on the role of Managing Director where he will lead the business alongside Kylie. 

Viv and I are excited to join Kylie as shareholders. We know we’re investing into a business that has solid foundations, a family-like team, and an awesome client base,” Mitch said.  

Mitch and Vivienne have been part of HGB’s core leadership team since 2020, providing leadership direction to the wider HGB team, alongside their client-facing services.  

Mitch said they are excited about the agency’s future. 

“Today, our team of 16 works alongside a diverse portfolio of clients across a range of industries in New Zealand and Australia,” says Mitch.  

“We’re in a unique position – we don’t just ‘do marketing’. Our clients invite us to be a part of their team and their business journeys and that is a privileged position to be in.” 

“We help deliver strategic marketing that makes an impact and moves businesses further toward their goals,” Mitch explained.   

The agency was founded in 2013 by Harcourt and Gage-Brown to build impactful brands and businesses, with marketing that delivers results.  

Jacqui Gage-Brown said she’s “excited to see succession coming from within HGB.” 

“It’s exciting to see the dream Kylie and I had continuing on. It’s been an amazing adventure and I’m excited for the next chapter,” said Jacqui.  

Founding Director Kylie Harcourt said she’s “incredibly proud of where HGB is today” and expressed her admiration for the business she and Jacqui had created together. 

“Jacqui and I have been a team for more than a decade and there are no words to describe the appreciation I have for her – and the team – for helping create the business we have today.” 

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