Mapping Skin Scan’s road to brand name awareness

By Jacqui Gage-Brown, May 16 2019
It’s not often that you’ll hear the HGB team break out in song… well, for a brand name anyway. But, when Skin Scan was curated, not a day went by when you wouldn’t hear it bellowed acapella-style from the HGB stand-up table.

Known for transforming mole-mapping in the Waikato and beyond, you can understand why we were all happy to sing their message from the rooftops: simple, health-focused solutions, that help patients navigate their skin through a fully-customised experience.

Previously known as the Skin Cancer Clinic, Dr Sakkie Fourie came to Hamilton marketing agency HGB for the works: a company DNA*, branding makeover, a new website, and advice on their strategic marketing offering. And Jacqui and Michele were ready to go under the microscope – literally.

*HGB speak for organisational strategy

Brand name Skin Scan

They began mapping out Skin Scan’s journey by completing a project to discover the company’s DNA and key messaging, from which they were able to detect the brand’s core values, which drive the team’s everyday activities. Simplify, Care, Adapt and Navigate (SCAN) all became prominent sentiments on which Skin Scan planned to continue to lead the way in their Waikato transformational activities.

With the structure and foundation formed, Michele was able to dig deeper in her brand development to ensure what their positioning was in good health. Inspired by the journey that had been mapped out, we believed a new name was in order to help identify the full extent of their service offering – skin is the largest organ in the body, so there is a lot to offer.


From here, our studio team was ready to perform their own surgery – on the design of the website. Through an in-depth exploration, we navigated Skin Scan through the build and development of the content for future clients, and how they would move through their online portals.

“To look at Skin Scan’s DNA, we first went onsite to look at our own. This helped us to understand what our newest client offered and how to best go below their skin’s surface – literally.

Brand development


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