New website positions leading Hamilton recruitment company above its competitors

By Jacqui Gage-Brown, Aug 1 2018
When Waikato’s top recruitment company embarked on a brand refresh, a new website was part of the package. HGB set out to embark on an intricate website development. The result? A site that reflects Asset Recruitment’s commitment to excellence.


Asset Recruitment is Waikato’s leading recruitment company for employers and job seekers. Early in 2017, the company wanted to embark on a brand refresh to reflect the organisation’s position in the market, and the expertise the team have after more than two decades in the industry.

Recruiting for temporary, permanent, executive and industrial positions across a range of industries throughout the Waikato, Asset Recruitment’s website is a key tool for its clients, whether they’re seeking employment or seeking employees.

A new website had been identified as a key part of Asset’s brand refresh. The site needed to reflect Asset Recruitment’s level of excellence in how it looked, functioned and the content it provided the consumer. HGB was tasked with the development of a new site, ensuring the company’s online presence clearly communicated Asset Recruitment’s brand story and company values.

The challenge

The scale of Asset Recruitment’s website meant a comprehensive planning exercise was needed at the outset. HGB creative director, Kylie Harcourt, explains the process: “We were excited about Asset’s website. We knew it was going to be a big one and one that required multiple party involvement.

“We also believed Asset could benefit from integrating the site with its existing customer relationship management (CRM) platform that the company was using to advertise their current vacancies. Added to that was the extra dimension of integrating HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing software to the site.”

To begin with, the HGB team wanted to ensure the new website would better meet the needs of Asset Recruitment’s two key audiences – job seekers and clients (employers looking for staff).
“Our first step was to create a site map,” says Kylie. “This became our blueprint for the website. From this site map, we produced wireframes, devised a content plan and subsequent website copy, created the overall design working closely with the new brand mood board, and then focused on the backend technical development.

“We also looked for a partner to manage the integration element of the CRM system as this would require additional coding. The CRM platform Asset Recruitment was using didn’t synch with the existing website. This meant the Asset Recruitment team was having to manually input jobs into both the CRM system and the website for vacancies to appear on sites such as Seek and TradeMe. We wanted to set it up so that any job posted would pull through to the new website and sit within the four job categories to make for easier search functionality.”

Following a number of quotes and suggested processes, HGB chose Hamilton firm, Duoplus to manage this complex integration.”

The process

Due to the complex nature of the website development and, in particular the CRM integration, the HGB team wanted to embark on a rigorous testing process before the website went live.

“This was our most complex website to date and we learnt a great deal from it, not least the importance of testing all functions. The site looked terrific and really reflected Asset Recruitment’s commitment to excellence. From the outside, the site looked ready to go live and we were keen to show it to the world, but we also knew how important it was to take the time to get it right.” After multiple rounds of testing, both from the HGB team and Duoplus, the new look, rebranded Asset Recruitment website was ready to go live!

The result

HGB delivered Asset Recruitment a website that reflected the company’s position as Waikato’s leading recruitment team. Complete with content that spoke to both job seekers and clients, case studies showcasing Asset’s expertise and success, comprehensive job listing and job register tool, and a clean, easy to use navigation, the overall result is a website that resonated with Asset Recruitment’s audience.

The new website also has a seamless integration enabling the team to efficiently load jobs via its CRM team. Furthermore, the time and investment in the website is proving its worth with an increased number of leads coming through inbound marketing software, HubSpot.

Asset Recruitment’s specialists, Carmel Strange and Judy Davison were incredibly pleased with the result – a new website that is very easy to use.

“When we approached HGB we were very much in need of a brand refresh. HGB did a fantastic job. Our new website has a clean new look and now reflects who we are and our place in the market. We have received a lot of great feedback from both our clients and candidates. The team at HGB has been great to work with and put us at ease each step of the way.”

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