SEO strategy delivers first page results within four months of brand launch!

By Rohan Xavier, May 6 2020
When tasked with bringing a new brand to the world of Google search rankings, HGB’s digital experts set out a long-term SEO strategy for MBS that exceeded expectations.

Based in Morrinsville, Waikato’s newest chartered accountants MBS Advisors approached HGB to work on its organisational identity and strategic positioning, along with a brand-new website. Leaping at the opportunity, the team at HGB created and implemented a stellar website and SEO strategy to maximise MBS’s online potential.

The process

Through foundational exercises, we determined the core competencies of MBS, which in turn guided our keyword research and led us to land on six high volume keywords relevant to MBS.

Utilising these keywords, HGB’s content team began working their magic and website pages were written to ensure Google picked up on the keywords we specified. This included getting the on-page optimisations right (think metadata, internal links, image alt tags) and beginning off-page optimisations to build high domain authority and credibility.

The challenge

Due to the newness of MBS Advisors, the brand had very little organic website traffic. The main challenge with any newborn brand is that it doesn’t have much of a digital footprint – Google has no idea what it is or how seriously to take the information it’s reading. Understandably, this meant MBS was not returning a ranking on the first 10 pages of Google in relation to the selected keywords.

Building off-page SEO is key to overcoming this challenge. We set out to show Google is a reputable and authoritative domain by building a series of backlinks from sites that Google has already established as high authority.

Why does domain authority matter? Google’s algorithm primarily cares about its own user experience. If Google makes a habit of directing the user to poor, irrelevant content, that user will understandably choose to use a different search engine when looking for content. With billions of pieces of content available to Google, it relies on domains it already trusts to serve relevant, engaging content tell it which new domains can also be trusted. Your domain authority equates to how much Google trusts your content, which directly affects how highly ranked your content will be on the results pages.

The results

In just four months, we were able to get five out of six selected keywords ranking on the first page of Google search. Why is this awesome? Well, when was the last time you bothered to click to the second page of Google search results? Traffic has been shown to drop by 95% between the first and second page of results.

How about this for numbers within four months of the website launch?

  1. 136% increase in website traffic
  2. 5 out of 6 keywords in the first page of Google

What’s more, MBS Advisors now ranks first for its most relevant keyword, ‘Morrinsville accountants’!

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