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Websites are such a huge part of everyday life. It's not enough for businesses to simply have a website - your website needs to deliver an immersive and engaging experience that blends digital with real life.

Website design agency HGB brings together the best in digital design and user experience to create beautiful, bold websites that get results.

All our website design projects feature...

  • Conversion optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Rapid speed
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Easy-to-use content management systems (CMS)
  • CMS training
  • Search tools and analytics
  • Great communication and project management
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Web Design FAQs

What is website design, and why is it important?

Website design is the process of creating your websites layout, structure, and appearance. It’s important because it can affect how users interact with your website, how long they stay on it, and ultimately, whether they take action or not.

What does the website design process involve?

The website design process typically involves several stages, including sitting down together to better understand your goals and vision, researching your target audience, developing a design brief, creating a wireframe or mock-up, designing the visual elements, testing and refining the website, and then finally going live!

How long does it take to design a website?

The time it takes to design a website can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. A simple website can take a few weeks, while a more complex site could take several months. Talk to our team and we can put together a more detailed timeline depending on your project requirements.

What is responsive design, and why is it important?

Responsive design is an approach to website design that ensures the site can be easily viewed and navigated on any device, including smartphones and tablets. It’s important because more people are accessing websites on mobile devices, and a website that doesn’t function well on those devices will lead to a negative user experience and lower conversion rates.

What is search engine optimisation (SEO), and how does it relate to website design?

SEO is the practice of improving a websites visibility in search engine results pages. Website design can impact SEO by affecting the load speed, user experience, and ability to rank for relevant keywords. At HGB, we’re understand the importance of getting the balance between website design and SEO right and can help ensure your website has optimised both.

How much does website design cost?

The cost of website design can vary depending on the complexity of the project, and your specific requirements. Talk to our Hamilton-based team about your website needs and we can provide you with a detailed estimate.

What is website hosting, and do you provide it?

Website hosting is the process of storing website files on a server and making it accessible on the internet. Talk to us about website hosting services, and we can help you determine the best option for your business needs.

What kind of ongoing support do you provide after the website is launched?

Maintaining and staying up to date with your website is important, at HGB we offer website maintenance services including security updates, content refreshing, SEO management, design updates and more.

Can you provide examples of websites you've designed in the past?

We’ve created beautiful, bold websites for a range of clients, which you can check out above! Or have a chat to our Hamilton based team and we can show some of our favourite work.

What kind of timeline can I expect for the project, and how will we communicate during the process?

We will work with you to establish a project timeline that fits with your needs and requirements. We provide great communication and project management from start to finish to ensure your website stays on track and meets your expectations. After an initial chat we will be able to offer a clearer idea of your project timeline. Your dedicated HGB account manager will be your main contact for the project duration, and will communicate with you via phone, email and in-person meetings when needed.

Create beautiful, bold websites that get results.

We can help you craft a website that delivers an immersive and engaging experience that blends digital with real life. Drop us an email to lock in a free website audit to see what we can do for your business.

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