Social media advertising campaign for Wireless Dynamics

By Emma Knapp, Aug 4 2021
Wireless Dynamics came to us to help them with brand awareness and customer acquisition in the King Country. To support them with this, we created a social media advertising strategy which kicked off with a four-week campaign in mid-May.

The goal of this social media advertising campaign was to improve brand awareness for Wireless Dynamics and secure new customers for their broadband packages in the King Country area.

We used a combination of three different static image advertisements, as well as different audience targeting, to drive traffic to their website landing pages.

With a relatively small advertising spend of $390 across four weeks, we managed to drive:

  • 15 direct enquiries about different broadband packages
  • 65 contact form submissions for more information
  • This results to 80 lead captures in four weeks, costing $4.87 per lead
  • The campaign also gained 41,000 impressions, reaching 7,732 people in the King Country
  • The adverts also had a cost per click of $0.30 and a click through rate of 3.2% – both of these results are 3-4x higher quality than the industry standards for these metrics

The success of this campaign resulted in an ecstatic client, with Wireless Dynamics gaining a 50% increase in new customer acquisition.

With a quality service and a clearly defined target audience, social media advertising campaigns are always sure to be a hit.

Helping support local businesses means a lot to our team here at HGB!

If you’d like a hand with anything related to social media marketing, get in touch and let us know what you’ve got in mind!

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