Ben Harcourt

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Fuelled by coffee and spicy noodles, Ben taught himself how to create short film animations for fun and crowbarred it into his projects over the course of his Computer Graphic Design degree at the University of Waikato.

He then honed those skills while on work experience at Point B, and impressed the team so much, we had to offer him a full-time role (it had nothing to do with the fact he is Kylie’s nephew – honest).

Outside of animation, Ben is a rock / metal enthusiast – extreme genres such as death metal (melodic, progressive and death-doom!?) – are a favourite, and he is an amateur guitar player; although plays down his ability as an axe-man, due to his self-proclaimed “lack of dexterity”.

Ben is also a fan of almost anything typically considered nerdy; most notably RPGs and anime, and unknowingly has earned cult status at Point B by introducing the office to new uses of words like “redundant” and “imminent”.

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