The importance of getting a stellar Google Business review (and how to get more of them)

By Emma Knapp, Jun 30 2022

So, you’re about to make a big purchase? Like most people, you probably prefer to buy or work with businesses you know and trust. It’s human nature.

Who do you turn to when you want to find out more information about a product, service, or business? Other than your mum or best mate, you’re probably heading online to scour the internet for reviews. And where do you go first? The one and only – Google!

As certified Google Partners, we understand the value Google provides and the array of features it offers businesses. It’s far more than just a search engine or advertising channel. In our digital era, online reviews play an important role in the buyer journey – keep reading to find out how you can increase your Google reviews and get more business!

What are Google Reviews?

If you’re looking for a new hairdresser, mechanic or even just somewhere to go for dinner, you might ask friends and family for recommendations – or you use Google search to find what you’re looking for.

Google reviews show up in both search and map listings, putting your business front and centre in the easiest way possible. People are already searching so you may as well take advantage of this additional feature.

Google reviews allow consumers to access information quickly and easily. Positive reviews will help your business stand out from the competition.

What are the benefits of having business reviews on Google?

Simply put, people love to have their decisions validated and a positive Google review can sway a potential customer to choose your business over another that doesn’t have any reviews (or has negative reviews).

But there are plenty of other benefits that come with utilising Google reviews. While helping you to convert more customers, great reviews also:

  • Give you the opportunity to build or reinforce customer trust
  • Provide further customer insight by giving you direct access to customer feedback
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Help build your presence online and boost local SEO

How to share Google review form with your customers or clients

Ready to get more of those 5-star reviews?! While there are a ton of ways you can get more Google reviews, one of the easiest and quickest options is by simply asking your existing customers!
Top tip: You can make it easy for people to leave reviews by creating a link using the simple steps below and sharing it with your customers.

  1. Ensure you have a verified Google Business Profile
  2. Log in to your Business Profile
  3. Use Google to search for your business
  4. Select customers > reviews > get more reviews
  5. Copy the link and share with your customers!

You could share the link in an order confirmation, a thank you email, chat interaction, social media post or on your invoices.

Make sure you also remember to reply to any reviews you receive – good or bad! This helps build that customer trust and allows you to connect with your customers.


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