Top 10 design accounts to follow on Instagram

By HGB , Jun 21 2016
Looking for some design inspiration? Catherine, our design and inbound consultant, shares her go to design accounts on Instagram.

At HGB, we’re lucky enough to have a fabulously creative design team. They’re always looking for new concepts to deliver to our clients, pushing the bar out on a brand, or coming up with a fresh new look for a marketing campaign.

When they’re not doing that, they can often be found on Instagram, but, unlike the rest of us, they’re not whiling away the hours scrolling through various hashtags. Rather, they’re researching design ideas they can bring back to the table.

So we asked Catherine, our design and inbound consultant, for her top 10 design accounts that she loves to follow on Instagram. Read the list and get inspired!


Full of weird and wonderful but oh so creative designs, @designspiration has a bit of everything.

Great for: inspiration of any kind when you’re stuck in a design rut

hgb blog designapiration @Graphilately

If you’ve been known to collect stamps at some stage in your life, Catherine says @graphilately will reignite your passion for these small sticky squares. You’ve never seen stamps in such a creative light before.

Great for: a quick visual of how various colours and shapes can work together

hgb blog graphilately @lettering_co

Full of fabulous fonts @lettering_co can make even Times Roman look exciting.

Great for: fresh perspectives using tried and true methods.

hgb blog lettering


@goodtype describes itself as a collection of artistic letterforms and that it is.

Great for: encouraging you to think outside the square when it comes to typefaces.

hgb blog good type @graphicdesignblg

From laughing pineapples to snow freeze cones of cats (you have to see it to believe it), @graphicdesignblg showcases an eclectic but very cool array of designs.

Great for: making you realise that some of the best design is also the simplest

hgb blog graphic design blog


This graphic design agency has a penchant for cute cartoon animals which you can’t help but love. It’s one of Catherine’s favourite accounts for a quick pick-me-up.

Great for: showcasing logo illustration at its finest

hgb blog logo place


This curated typography showcase is like a decadent dessert buffet of fonts.

Great for: seeing how different typefaces can really bring script to life.

hgb blog type gang @thedesigntip

@designtip provides daily graphic design inspiration so if you only have time to look at one Instagram account, make it this one.

Great for: a compilation of some of the best design work out there.

hbg blog thedesigntip


We love a good screen print and if we could we’d take all of @printclublondon’s prints. For now though, we’ll live vicariously through them.

Great for: inspiration of any kind. They’ve got it all.

hgb blog printclublondon



Logos can be tricky beasts so it’s always nice to see what others have done, often with very little.

Great for: a boost to the design ego.

Check out @logoinspirations here.


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