Why our marketing consultancy focuses on work-life balance

By HGB , Dec 21 2015
Tuesday morning, 8.22am a text comes through from our Account Director Sarah.

Her son has been running a slight temp through the night and has only just woken up, can she please bring him into work for the morning. Anyone with kids can relate to this situation. Being pulled in two directions – wanting to care for your child but worrying about your commitments at work for the day. The consistent juggle to achieve work-life balance.

If an employee is not presented with the chance to effectively manage their work-life balance, then both their work and personal life can suffer. In a traditional ‘agency’ situation there is always a deadline looming. Yet we need our creative and innovative individuals to be just that – creative and innovative.

As Co-Directors of HGB, Kylie and I strived to create a business model that worked for us – and subsequently other parents. With five boys between us, aged two to 14 years, we appreciate the juggle that working families daily contend with. School events, after school sports, sick kids… mix this in with attending meetings (often out of town), daily workload and then a dash of keeping fit (for yourself and your sanity) and we believe you have served yourself an ambitious portion of work-life balance.

Let the juggle begin!

Embracing this wholeheartedly, we have created an environment where our employees are motivated to take care of their personal lives while also delivering lead generating marketing for our clients.

The result? Fulfilling lives, work and family, fitness, and the head space needed to produce the kind of work that our clients love us for.

At HGB, our employees achieve a healthy work-life balance in the following ways:

Offering Flexible Work Hours

With a number of mums on staff, our employees are able to start work when they get there. Sometimes school drop off goes smoothly, and they may be in the office at 8.45am. Other days there can be tears or a quick chat needed with the teacher, and it may be 9.20am when they get in.

By removing the pressure of the morning rush, when our employees get to work they are focused and ready to produce great results.

Take today for example, Sarah’s little chap was not too well through the night. After a late sleep in, Sarah and her little man Blake arrived at the office with the iPad, a pillow and toys, and Blake made himself comfy in our beanbag.

There is nothing worse than feeling guilty when you send your baby off to school when they are not feeling 100%. And that guilt and stress can then become a big distraction throughout the day, impacting on work output.

Providing our employees with flexible work schedules and the chance to work from home when needed, our team can continue to deliver outstanding results for our clients (and us).

Four Week Close Down at Christmas

In our industry, it is important that our employees get time away from their job and the chance to recharge their batteries. The Christmas period often provides another difficult juggling period for working families, with school finishing in mind-December and returning often in February.

At HGB, we close the office for a four week period to allow our employees to take time out with their families and to recharge. Our team come back in the New Year energised and chomping at the bit to get stuck back into generating leads for our clients. HGB’s holistic approach to employment allows our staff to come back to work with minds clear, supports their work-life balance, and benefits everyone – our staff, our team and our clients.

Staff Wellness Package

At HGB, our vision is to create and deliver meaningful experiences. This vision impacts on our staff and the way we operate.

At the heart of our business is a goal to succeed.  We believe that awesome companies are built by inspirational people.  We are committed to providing a happy, safe, and healthy environment for our employees to flourish and grow in.

We operate a staff wellness package where we provide gym memberships for our team.  We are committed to providing healthy options at work including many herbal teas and healthy snack options.   We use local catering and always choose health conscious options.

It is important that our employees input is sustainable. As they say, we can’t afford to be sick, so we need to invest in being well and achieving work-life balance.

Driving Results and Work-Life Balance 

Creating and delivering meaningful experiences can only be achieved when our employees are also enjoying meaningful experiences. At HGB, we believe this is achieved by living our values and focusing on work-life balance. Our staff know they will find support they need at HGB to balance their work and their family.

Kylie and I have created an environment where our employees work quickly, but efficiently. The innovative ideas and creative concepts that our team generate result in driving leads for our clients. By achieving a healthy work-life balance it hasn’t only benefited us, it benefits everyone who comes into contact with our team.

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