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BODCO is a New Zealand based company that supplies nutritional and lifestyle milk powder around the world. BODCO’s vision is to provide high-quality dairy products that support good health and balanced nutrition care.

Each market has its own regulations and packaging requirements, which presents a challenge for BODCO. The team approached Point B to help them prepare their packaging for export.

Point B works closely with BODCO to understand the packaging specifications for each market, and modify the packaging to meet these requirements, while retaining a strong brand identity and consistency across the range.

Point B designer and illustrator Hanna also created a series of fun characters that feature on the B&I formula tins.

“Working with BODCO was a unique experience which required me to utilise my different skillsets. It was an opportunity to use my background in illustration to create an array of cute characters that featured on the B&I formula tins, as well as knowledge of working on products for the Chinese market when taking on the YumYum brand,” said Hanna.

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